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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Taya PriceTaya Price
Smashed it😊😊😊
After spending 8 months with Chris I have passed my test. I would recommend Chris to anybody wanting to learn to drive as he is supportive and has the patience of a saint. When I came to Chris I had already received 10 hours worth of lessons from an independent instructor and I felt like I was getting nowhere and my money was being wasted, I started to feel that I no longer wanted to drive in the future... and then Chris came to the rescue. He helped me through my hardest of struggles when tackling my driving and always gave me the choice of what I wanted learn during lessons. He also provided advice and material towards me doing my theory exam. Chris is a brilliant instructor and you will pass confidently after learning with him.

Martin TaylorMartin Taylor
Passed 1st Time 😊😊😊
Chris was a fantastic instructor from start to finish. His methods are great, his way of explaining situations and what we were doing made a huge difference to me. I chose my own path of how I wanted to learn and what I wanted to do each week and he backed me and supported me 10000%, he did his best to accommodate me as i worked shifts. He was always at the end of the phone if i had a problem. Would definitely recommend. The workbook and app are both fantastic, 2nd to none, and helped me loads. The theroy and hazard perception tests are a really good idea too and really helpful. On the whole LDC are the best driving school around in my opinion.

Tara Kellett Tara Kellett
Passed 1st Time
Chris was fantastic instructor, very calm and professional, always safety conscious and always pushing me to develop my skills further. I did not get on well with the learning book in terms of the post lesson evaluation due to my own learning style, but found the progress chart very helpful. Chris is absolutely brilliant and I fully believe he contributed massively to my 1st time pass. I Would highly recommend!!!!

Emma Louise Ellis Emma Louise Ellis
Nailed it!!!!
I passed my test in June thanks to Chris. I found the lessons much more positive with him than with my previous instructors.He not only developed my driving skills and knowledge to pass my test, but also helped me overcome my anxiety. He was very patient with me and my little tantrums and he never gave up. He always found the positives. I have since recommended Chris to my family and friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for everything you have done. It was so much more than just passing my test.😊

Corey Lee EcclestoneCorey Lee Ecclestone
Chris was very friendly & I felt really confident whilst under instruction. I had previously taken my test but failed, I was dissapointed and loosing confidence in myself but Chris made me feel confident again and assured me I was good enough and confident to pass.

Well done to me and well done to Chris.

I'm looking forward to the future and hope Chris feels the same.

P.S. Passing my test has changed my life in a big way. Thanks to Chris Thickett.